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Both male and female same-sex sexual activity is legal in Chile. Since 22 October , same-sex couples and households headed by...

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In it was approved the anti-discrimination law that includes sexual set-up and gender identity as protected categories.

The law penalizes the arbitrary judgement, allows citizens to organize anti-discrimination lawsuits and craves the Constitution to expand on public policies to completion discrimination.

The law still adds heightened punishments quest of hate crimes. In Anathema, came into force the Civil Bloc Agreement law , which is the first judicial standard that gives categorical recognition to same-sex couples in Chile.

The law enables same-sex and opposite-sex cohabitating couples to co-own property and make medical decisions as well as claim superannuate benefits and inherit resources if their civil accomplice dies. Gaining custody of a partner's child where necessary is also made easier before the law. It still recognises marriages performed in foreign lands as respectful unions and views couples and their children as a progeny.

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Ley homosexual en chile
  • Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people in Chile may face legal challenges...
  • Historia – Movilh Chile
  • Además de eliminarse a la homosexualidad como causal de divorcio nombre: En Chile la actual ley de matrimonio...
  • Álvaro Troncoso of the Movement for Homosexual Integration and Proyecto de ley de identidad de género en Chile...
  • EducaciónAula Segura: Cámara despacha ley con amplio respaldo Congreso La reservada minuta que...

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Aquí se Debate: Proyecto sobre matrimonio igualitario - Site For Hookups

Proyecto de ley de identidad...
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Head during the course of the the proper Situation of Destiny locality to...


Ley homosexual en chile

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que podrían concretarse las primeras uniones civiles tanto de parejas hétero como homosexuales en Chile. Esto ya que la ley de Unión Civil. Atala Riffo y...