Dating amperex tubes 3-500z - 3-500zg Amperex or other brand ?

November 17, , Please login or register. Ameritron in an email said they did not use the Amperex z, since because of filament issues?

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I would think Amperex would be better for some reason due to the price. I am scared to buy from e-bay, you never know how long they have sat on a shelf. Employed fine here since that time, i even be subjected to to use a hardly any less drive to recover to the output i want compared to the Eimac tube.

It make deliver full output, but mostly i never exceed more as - watts. I don't know if Amperex is even silence making ZGs. I identify they did at a specific time, and my 11 year-old ALB came from the factory with an Amperex tube. If Amperex has discontinued production, the RFP stock may be "new old stock," gist unused tubes that were made years ago.

I'm not so sure I'd want one of those. Why not pick up the phone and rally them to ask the date code s of the Amperex tubes? Certainty the choice would you buy an Amperex at bottom the other tubes. With a one year promise I would think you would be safe in regards of a gassy tube.

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3-500Z Tubes
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Bottom line is you take your chances with modern tubes. Ameritron in an email said they did not use the Amperex z, since because of filament issues? Twice the price it must be a better tube. December 22, , But usually these things go away, once an engineer does his job at the factory, with enough customer complaints.

I have thought that Amperex was of very good quality?

Dating amperex tubes 3-500z

Working fine here since that time, i even have to use a little less drive to get to the output i want compared to the Eimac tube. I read somewhere carbon plate Zs were tuffer on the grid structures because they hold heat longer. It would from many blunders free us. Those s are nice. Register for a free QRZ account. The grid to fil spacing of a is only. Bottom line is you take your chances with modern tubes.

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