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But some hotels take things even further. With romance-enhancing amenities like outdoor showers, beds under the stars, fireplaces, and special welcome kits that can certainly make a...

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Located in the Palms Casino Resort , the 2-story Sky Villa exudes sexiness with a dry sauna, a massage room, private balconies and a glass-enclosed pool that extends from the balcony to provide guests with a spectacular view of the Strip. The private veranda and complimentary chocolate-covered strawberries with Pinky Vodka are enough to keep the love flowing long after the music has died down.

Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts. Costa Rica Hotels 18 Photos. Muslin-strewn queen-size beds and outdoor claw-footed bathtubs are a prelim to the main event: Regis offers a luxurious spot for a romantic escape.

With romance-enhancing amenities like outdoor showers, beds under the stars, fireplaces, and special welcome kits that can certainly make a person feel more…welcoming, these 13 hotels and resorts set the mood in no uncertain terms:

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But how does chestnut earn indubitable of that. Sexy hotel rooms the Speed-Up...


Sexy hotel rooms

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From Santa Monica, CA, to Ninh Hòa, Vietnam, we've circled the globe to find hot hotel rooms, sexy suites, perfect penthouses and ultimate...