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I now live a lifestyle I deserve and am worthy of. Setting intentions ignites the power and magic already in us.

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CrismaFire: Plus, don't get in a fight with romanian womans!

Adna Tpa Aaa: Loool i know im brazilian but this is me. lol

Manuel Lee: I think LA is a vv cool and diverse and open minded place as well lol

Radolf P: And in the Netherlands we are very touchy when you like someone it is usual and when you are friends it also but with stranger not immediatly. But when you touch someone you have a connection

HIBA ВЂў: Danish women is very independent and so is the men but almost every woman or man would be polite to a stranger if they start talking to them unless they seams a bit odd, drunk or violent gesture. Danes are friendly people both woman and men the older Danes the more open to talk to strangers.

Sheeba Simran: PS. I never mentioned BULL with Russian women. Maybe I should have. LOL

Drew Fager: The coffee scene was not dramatic enough :D

Hasan Sultan: My favorites are Irish and Russian

Agatha Smile: Put the Mexican woman in more videos. She's enthusiastic very funny.

Rena Vincent: They are same.

Deepapo: Americans are so damn fat (a lot of us are sure, but we also have big problems with anorexia and bulimia too)

Superbass340: IT WAS A PARODY (IF NOT A MOCKERY OR HORROR OF POLISH LANGUAGE ! Horrible pronounciacion and horrible accent! A parrot would make it better!

Blackgirl online com

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I secretly intention we clout oblige a chance.

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Blackgirl online com

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