Turning 50 what to expect - 9 Things You Should Know Before Turning 50

Sometimes we wish we had a crystal ball to tell us if we were taking the right job, making the right move, or choosing the right guy. Other days we...

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8 things that happen after women turn 50 years old - Hookup To Relationship

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Javascript essential be enabled to utilize that put. Suit agree to Javascript in your browser and sample anon. Staying mentally and physically lively can maintenance take care you, probably, younger — strikingly in your 50s, when you may respect the essential strategic changes in your metabolism or decorticate.

What can you upon that decade? Every tom ages differently, and lifestyle plays a chief responsibility, but you'll strife both hard-to-notice and impossible-to-miss changes in your actual and attitude haleness. Translate on for the benefit of the sizeable, the disobedient and the what's-up-with- that?

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What's Up With That?

You've got more time and fewer distractions, and you're not exhausted from day-to-day child-care issues. If you are 50 or older, what are your faves?

Apparently, though, there is a rash of rogue younger people who look really bad for their age abusing the privilege of that 10 cents off a crappy cup of coffee so be prepared to show your ID. More than half of men in their 70s will have prostate issues. Try decreasing fluids after 6 p.

That means situations that might once have tied you up in knots no longer bother you as much. You have the power to make yourself happy. You finally have an idea of what you want to be when you grow up and how you want to spend your days.

But lubricants are effective , as are prescription estrogen creams and tablets. Symptoms include difficulty urinating, though medications like tamsulosin and finasteride can help.

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Since it can increase the risk of stroke, mention it to your doctor. And the slowing of digested material through the large intestine can trigger constipation, says John I. But actually being 50 is turning out to have tons of unexpected benefits. Photo by Craig Cutler More than million Americans wear glasses or contact lenses. No wonder less than 5 percent of those ages 45 to 64 can expect to experience major depression.

While that may be good for their emotional health, it may also narrow their social networks, "limiting them to people who are more supportive.

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Turning 50 what to expect

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What to expect when you're expecting to turn 50 is a great life! BUT, you have to take care of yourself. What to expect when you're expecting to. What to...