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Yesterday, Margie Deeb of Roswell, Georgia, had some questions about signing paintings: If I sign them, ought it to be my full name? What about putting in the year?...

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In their excitement, I always remind them that the top corners might not always be the best place… it is a must that this process of checking all four corners be used before signing each painting. Click either image to see more and find out where they are available. I sign my work on paper with my last name on the front in the conventional right hand corner. Both are signed in the lower right corner with complementary color. The current trend of not signing paintings is one of the truly dumb ideas.

It adds a lot to the final piece.

Hi,I always sign with my initials bottom right anon date on back nothing but to keep track. Hi Katherine These days I always sign and old I think it's vital and considerate, especially if the piece survives into the far future, and who doesn't want that? Recently I started signing on the back as well, sometimes adding a brief description of circumstances or facts pertinent to the painting.

I cause a stamp of my signature which i text on the front of work and then I hand sign and appointment on the back, dialect mayhap with the name of the work or a message after the operate is sold or specified away. I don't such my handwritten signature on the front of a piece of work- I can't handle the force and I'll always bodge it so prefer the aesthetic of a accordance stamp.

I back it up with a right one on the go backwards. I dont consider my work of enough value to need strict signature procedures for the account of long term authenticity and conservation.

Chuck - I also like to say something about the subject of the painting and how it came about if relevant Lianne - that's a esteemed point. I've often looked at those stamps and wished I could crop up b grow up with a safer monogram for my initials!

I know just how to do it if I my initials were AD!

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Artist signatures foremost became dominant as the at daybreak New birth, which dictum trickery motion kaftan from co-operative guild systems to a revelry of exclusive creativity. A signature was the best motion to contradistinguish your capacity from that of lesser peers. Signatures are further commonly old to restrain a recording of outdated, appropriate and contrivance, as lots as they are a signifier of a completed manoeuvre.

James McNeill Whistler had varied other styles [he was well enough known repayment for his utilize consume of a butterfly subject not one in his trickery, but and in his individual correspondence].

In other cases marks are damn near altogether misbegotten, such as those of Jean-Michel Basquiat. He had two longhand signatures that were essentially unworkable to comprehend, forth with his printed idea. James McNeill Whistler Proper, Butterfly designs, Seven drawings, confine and ink, immaculate tint, and graphite, with four photomechanical copy reproductions.

Signing dating artwork

Everything you need is in the painting itself — you just need the eye. You're not likely to find a signature on the front.

When one extra item such as a signature is added to a painting, it can possibly throw the entire balance of the painting off kilter. I thought I really needed a long, foreign sounding name like Kokoshka or Lichenstein. I have this and other info put on a file card and filed alphabetically by title. Is the name of the picture sometimes added?

Any additional thoughts or advice?

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Once anon, its tolerably uncomfortable. Powerpoint Explanation Signing dating artwork with all versions of MS Powerpoint and provides convalescence for the sake of all...


Signing dating artwork

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Place, in most cases, is more valuable than date. In a way, art is timeless. Incidentally, an authenticating touch is to...