Is nichkhun and yoona dating - Do You Think Yoona-LSG, Tiffany-Nickhun even Taeyeon-Baekhyun Dating is Media Plays

A source close to the two revealed that the two broke up recently and had already told all their close friends. Many are probably wondering "why?

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Does any of this seem weird?


Fans Sh0cked After Seeing Proof SNSD Yoona's dating with EXO Sehun was posted on Instagram - Lets Talk Hookup

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You currently have javascript disabled. Various functions may not work. Elect re-enable javascript to access completely functionality. Posted 04 September - Right before their comeback there is always some SNSD dating news so I can't help but feel suspicious. All relationships are used by their agencies for media play. Some more than others. Only shippers will create a fancy preference story out of these every tom relationships.

Eh well, the timing of the dating and found up news was suspicious, to either soften the jolt or whatever, but I don't necessarily think all of these relationships are PR relationships. In Nichkhun's and Tiffany's case, for the sake example, they were rumored to be an on and incorrect couple for years before they were confirmed.

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[ENG Sub] Nichkhun talking about dating & rumor with Tiffany SNSD - Fuckbook Hook Ups

Is nichkhun and yoona dating

Sports Korea In October , they were spotted going on a date where Seung Gi picked Yoona up at an apartment before heading off to the Han River area. Jennie is 'Human Chanel' for 'High Cut'. Maica February 26, at 2: The internet exploded a little when Lily-Rose made a rare appearance and attended a Chanel fashion show with her mum, long time Chanel muse Vanessa Paradis, in New York earlier this month.

Taeyeon is being treat like a new idol again being bash left and right and is like her image that she built for 8 years just gone like that so this relationship is bring harm to their career more.

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Anyway, I do think Tiffany has a boyfriend, in Radio Star, when they were asked about dating she basically giggled her entire way through it lol. This must be the end of the world for Khuntoria fans The only reason I can see is covering up other major scandals. I like this couple wayyyyyyy better than the spoon couple Comments on this blog do not represent the majority opinion of Koreans and should not be taken as an example of Korean sentiment on any of the topics presented.

How is this possible?

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Jane Doe February 25, at This must be the end of the world for Khuntoria fans Angelic Siwonie February 26, at 3: She indicated that the person was retired from the industry and that she had cried when the broke up. Where is the evidence Pann post of Victoria and Changmin dating?

BTS now embroiled in Nazi controversy.

Finally, the Disc asks you to not behoove discouraged when faced with adversity.

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