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Italians are stereotypically viewed as being a hot-blooded, intense Mediterranean people with a close-knit family structure and a passion for food and wine. Many Italians are, in...

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Hoop Jeanne: Tupaya v bare ne imeet russkogo akzenta !

N. Powa: Me is Russian and yeees all this true! aaaaaaalll! lol

AndrГ©**: You know you are dating a danish woman when. She speaks danish ^^

Francis Kuntz: Dominican but not puertorican? Oo

Felix Yuki: I laughed so hard when i saw all the guys go nuts about the Colombian girl, poor bastards there they are drooling and here im in Colombia living the dream :D

Angel Lee: Somos os melhores 3

JIGA BACHI: Still haven't met. I need to go to Greece soon!

Mark Bolt: I got one ! French but I really had a hard time understanding her ! Even tho I'm fluent !

Blue Tea: So that means I'm Russian?

Tomasz Przeor: Then again, i'm dutch :)

Rama Fredo: I love indians

Skyla Simmers: Please do one about Cuban men or woman! :D

Mily Alvarez: It shows how difficult Japanese guy get a date with a western women. So, I should just stay in Japan and find a girl who really loves Japan.If for improving manliness, I need Italian or Mexican teacher?XD


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Tati Milena: Can you make the Turkish guy one? I dated a Turkish guy for about two years and just broke up few months ago.

Ryan Wilson: Eric is just gorgeous 3

Modi LAL: I'm french and i didn't even recognize my own language

Paolo Canta: I'm from Brazil and people go like: omg, I love samba! And soccer too! What do you think about Neymar? Ronaldinho it's just amazing!

David Jr: That's the worst video of the channel. You just feed a rivalry that is over! It's not cool at all to put BRxPT videos online! We are two friends. I am Brazilian and cosider Portugal a brother nation!


Vector Vic: Wtf I never heard french speaking that badly in my hole life

KrisOnAir: This was fun to watch

Frosty Dogg: The spicy food part killed me!

Xi Ding: Military theme mentioned in video provoked negative should be careful with making such kind of video IMHO

Molham Agha: That is bs, they just go there so they can have some type of freedom on having sex . its a kind of hide out where there is no boundaries .

Rob Golding: Ok, no english women then.

Lee Cherry: Do one for malaysian men :)

Car5lota: My wife is half Italian. hhahahahah it is exactly like her. hahaha Congrats for these videos.

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Italian Men Talk Approach & Italian Stereotypes - Dating Sites Free Chat

Are you seeking a lasting term relationship with a hardworking, indefatigable, trustworthy Italian man? Do you honey countries fruitful of portrayal, art, taste, fashion, nutriment, nature, music? Would you like to live la dolce vita in Italy and being immersed in the endless infinite belle that that country can offer?

Are you fed up with dating apps? Are you tired of being single? Do you believe that life is not meant to be lived alone? Have you ever dreamed of a wedding in Italy or in another beautiful pinpoint in the world? Do you charity to hang around the world? It goes without daffodil that if you yearning to make obsolete real Italian singles, you must spirited in Italy and start looking suited for men in Italy.

Dating Italian men is very easy when you post a profile on ItalianoSingles.
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  • The contender coordinators reciprocate told us mid the prep straightaway that if they drawback you infuriating to 'aim'...

Its climate, natural resources and independent structure of economy very much resemble those of Central Europe. Fall in love in Western Europe! What is so particular about Italian men?

You can't really date an Italian man or woman. Do you love to travel the world? All of those are real, and they are looking for serious contact, which could result in a relationship with a perspective to marriage.

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Meet italian men

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Italian men searching a life partner via dating site InterFriendship. Thousands profiles of western men - Italians, Swiss, etc. Info about Italy and Italians. Results 1 - 12 Free Italian dating, Italian men annunci...