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Dating columns and lifestyle magazines are cottoning on to the re-emergence of speed dating as the best way to meet people. Online...

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Ykhraam: Omg italians are so hot and sexy! My cheating ex husbanf. Was british he was soo square and bland and boring.

Calimia David: I want one :)

Gracendabz123: Dan and Phil

Adelle Samaha: When you're not into Kpop, but still got Korean and thought he was the cutest and most charming.

Jason Kurtrix: Use only one pair of shoes everyday.

Shira Ziv: That chilean chick is ugly as fuck

Heero Kakashi: Yawn.everyone is 'good looking yet lacks the deep soul.

Miguel Moura: The Nigerian girl is beautssss

S7s7Joy: For me nothing plastic and creame, thank you !

Keyser Adam: That moment when you realize the guys the girls vote down are all better looking than you*


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Guys - what ELSE do you find attractive in girls?

Ill go again but i think i need to have some better replies to them. Hello All Have any you guys been speed dating as im going tomorrow anyone got any tips like lines I can use?

I think it's simple and practical. Page 1 of 1. Select a forum Get Into The Game:

Enter your email address below and get access to 10 videos instantly:. Tue Oct 11, 7: Hello All Have any you guys been speed dating as im going tomorrow anyone got any tips like lines I can use? Tue Oct 11, 8: Hey there, Ive done it a few times with mixed results.

Ill tell you my big discovery which took me a while to figure out. Most guys there will be AFC's. The girls their all think they are the prize and most of the guys there will play into that roll of supplicant ass kissers.

So, more then normal, you need to establish yourself as the prize and the decider.

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IIIili Iii: Well that was a major turnoff

Mykrem11: Marina is hard working, committed, and intelligent humourous woman who is dedicated to her work on Dating beyond borders.

Comfy Cuddle: South Korean Woman/Man

WHDominique: I loved all of the exept the orange blonde one.how people can think she's hot blows my mind. Give me the Asian or latina ANY day.

Eleanor Brin: Waiting for the Irish girl one lol

J. A. AntГіn: Hence the phase, going Dutch

Lize Vingamos: I liked the blonde one ;)

TheSaioria: What else rymes with their pronunciation of tode

An0onyme57: Sorry for posting this comment.

Jack O Keeffe: Im Yorkshire the girl doesn't sound exactly like my accent :)

Mark Camacho: Trust me i'm almost half russian, i see the way the other guys on that side of my family treat their women and geez, must stay away.

Nuno Lopes: I wish i had one.

Does this sound like friends with benefits (FWB) or more than that?

Results 1 to 4 of 4. Thread Tools A spectacle of Printable Version. Join Outmoded Jan Gender: I positive, don't do Speed Dating as only ugly or low-value chicks participate I have searched other posts on this topic, that just say "don't do it", yet havn't recuperate from across any that fail any solid advice on how to attract and comfort the girl in the 5 minute hour span.

Would greatly enjoy your thoughts on what I can say or tease her on to get her really interested in a short amount of time!!! I am a newb with grown-up AA. Join Date Aug Gender: Age 46 Posts Well one events you will have accepted for you in that case is that you dont really have to have a "reason" to approach or to application any type of canned opener because the come close to is EXPECTED.

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Speed dating tips puas

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Speed dating tips puas

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Speed dating tips pua - Simple speed dating sites deutschland. While everyone from PUA's to advice columnists are keen to give step-by-step practical guidance in how to achieve success at speed dating.