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Estafa, timo, todos sabemos que existen pero hasta que no lo vives en tus propias carnes no crees que puede ser posible. El primer...

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Ladies: What if your guy told you to call and text less?

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Girls:Is it common to keep #'s of guys you used to date?

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Hola me acaba de escribir alguien con el nombre Murray. I also pray for establishment of cordial relationship between us, God being our helper. Since the death of my client; my bank and I have made several inquiries to his embassy to locate any of his extended family members or relatives but this has proven unsuccessful. As soon as I hear from you and receive your assurance, I will send you the Text of Application for you to contact my bank for the release of the funds in the account of Paul Ibarra to your account as his next of Kin Dear Angelito Ibarra.

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Jugando a banqueros online dating Mary Safoora: Do one on Hungarian women

Lydia Phoenix: Omg this is so Filipina. A guy is blessed to have Filipina gf. Hats off to the maker of this video.

AJ Freeney: Please add YKYD Spanish Man/Woman

Sara Lyoumi: Shut the fuck up bitch

Turskaa Ct: Croatia here I come.

SBR Grim: You Know You are Dating a Colombian Man When.

Mohawkward: I know that on the tittle says english man, but which part of england is it from?

Clinton Li: Come on your video is rubbish. Nigerians possess admiral traits not shown in this video.

Claurio Neves: She sounds venezuelan, but looks colombian

Michael Abbey: Colombia a thousand times

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Even if youve seen five gloomy numbers attain within a bedlam, dont start convinced that the next slews can be...


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