Drunk sexting - 4. Don’t Drunk Text

You are at a party, bored, and drunk. What should you do now? Some of you are thinking this sounds like a terrible...

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Students resolve rewrite Rumpelstiltskin using trend sayings and phrases.

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The best-drunk texts are the ones that are appreciative or completely ridiculous. So have your drinks, break out your iphone, and go to town. You are completely obliterated at a party and you know that this is finally the time to tell your co-worker you are in love with them. Also, misspelling everything is awesome! You are at a party, bored, and drunk.

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  • Your sexy texts after ninecocktails might look seductive and endearing to you but will probably just be hysterical...
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Drunk sexting

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Why would they need to know you are drunk? If you do, make sure to apologize in the morning. With every gr8 or greeat you are telling your text recipient that you are completely plastered.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: It is one of my favorite recreational hobbies. Avoid drunk texting your parents at all costs. No discussion about why Michele Obama would totally be your best friend is worth getting in a car wreck.

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